Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Setup

So, I actually worked my day job today! It was alright (that job usually stresses me out like crazy!) but I'm definitely ready for a nap, and then I have orders to fill! I figured I'd post some pictures of my workspace today, though!

I was originally using a glass table, but I figured out after I had a million different things that it was not at all large enough to hold all my stuff. I'm still wanting another table, as even this one is a little small!

This table was our old kitchen table, then converted into a craft table. I covered it in contractors plastic so that it would be much easier to clean, and too keep it away from the wood (when I think wood, I do not think clean!)

Everything is either in the little boxes, or in the cabinet to the side of the table (all of the powders I have very large quantities of, besides my base) to keep it all away from whatever dust may be lurking! I clean everything with alcohol before use, and of course I go through gloves like crazy!

"Made", "Jars", "Bags"

"Whites" and Oxides, "Colors", and "Samples" (plus my CS colors)

The whole setup
Bulk Jars
Questions and comments are welcome!


  1. You have a day job and you're working on this too? You sound like you're a busy girl!

  2. I am very, very busy! Sunday was my first day working there since March, I believe. I quit to work on dreads and makeup! The stress was just crazy, and I was sick of not being able to focus on my passions. The income from my dreads was all the start up money I had, I really owe those ladies the world!